DSP, 32-bit Microcontrollers, FPGA & FPAA Circuits

in Electronics and Embedded Systems

supported by



The Analog Devices DSP University Program


Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. M.Drutarovsky, Ph.D.

Software Hardware
The Freescale University Program

Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. M.Drutarovsky, Ph.D.

Software Hardware

The Mentor Graphics Higher Education Program

Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. M.Drutarovsky, Ph.D.



Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. P.Galajda, Ph.D.

Software Hardware
The Nuhertz University Program
Coordinator: Prof. D.Kocur, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. M.Drutarovsky, Ph.D.

Filter Solutions is comprehensive PC windows based filter synthesis and analysis software package for passive, transmission line, active, switched capacitor, and digital filters. Detailed information about available licenses at the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications can be provided by M.Drutarovsky.



Laboratory of CAD/CASE Systems

  • 16 workstations: Intel 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 17" monitor, Windows 2000, 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • license servers provide support for all Mentor Graphics and Altera CAD tools. These servers can be used by all FEI teachers and students within the faculty campus. Their usage is limited to the teaching activities and academic research. Detailed information about these CAD programs and other available Mentor Graphics software packages can be provided by M.Drutarovsky.


Remote FPGA Laboratory supported by KEGA 3/5238/7 Grant (in Slovak)


Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. M.Drutarovsky, Ph.D.


Laboratory represents a comprehensive software and technological platform for development with complex Altera FPGA circuits from specification up to the real verification in the target hardware. Providing access to modern EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools of Altera and Mentor Graphics companies, selected licensed IP (Intellectual Property) blocks and their remote usage through the application and license servers. It provides a hardware working place with powerful measurement equipments (logic analyzer, digital storage oscilloscope, programmable generator) for testing complex designs based on FPGA circuits with basic remote acquisition of measured signals and configuration of target FPGA kits.


Supporting Materials for Students