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This page contains basic information and links about integrated simulation environment Matlab/Simulink of Mathworks company used in the subject Programming Environments for Electronics and Communications (PEEC). It contains supporting materials to lectures and lessons given in this subject. Matlab is top simulation environment (also) for technical computations and simulations that is available for more than 20 years. Matlab is a basic simulation tool used on many technical universities over the world. It is used in specialized subjects as well as in batchelor and master theses given on Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications of Technical University in Kosice.

Demonstrations will use Matlab 7.x that is installed in the laboratory. Main goal of the subject is mastering of basic knowledge and practical experiences necessary  for analysis and writing of basic simulations performed in subjects oriented to electronics and communications.

Matlab basics - an overview of basic operations and commands

Simulink - an overview the MathWorks www
Simulink tutorial

A simple motivation example_1 analyzed during lecture.
Ukážka jednoduchej m-funkcie  triang.m
in Matlab 4 and in Matlab 7.
A solution of example_1 by using filter function in example_2 (usage of convolution for computation of correlation).

Subject is given by: doc.Ing. Miloš Drutarovský, CSc.

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