Project APVV-15-0692 (July 2016 - June 2019)


Project ReTi-UWB-SS is the project of an applied research intent on the design and implementation of a testbed of real-time operating UWB sensor network (UWB-SS) to be applied for detection, localization and tracking of person at poor or zero optical visibility (e.g. through the wall person localization). The fundamental principle of the considered UWB-SS performance is based on the idea according to which the electromagnetic waves emitted by UWB radars in the frequency band up to 5 GHz are capable to penetrate through a variety of standard buildings materials. Hence, UWB radars (sensors) operating in frequency band DC-5 GHz networked by wireless communication infrastructure will be key components of the UWB-SS. The developed UWB-SS will be able to localize moving and static persons. In the case of static persons, the estimation of their breathing frequency will be provided, too. The UWB-SS performance will be based on up-to-date scientific findings in the field of real-time processing of UWB radar signals. The UWB-SS developed in the ReTi-UWB-SS project can be used with the advantage especially in field of the solution of emergency events (military, security, law enforcement, and emergency rescue operations).

Principal investigator: doc.Ing. Miloš Drutarovský, CSc.

Research team: prof. Ing. Dusan Kocur, CSc., prof. Ing. Jan Saliga, CSc., doc. Ing. Pavol. Galajda, CSc., doc. Ing. Jan Gamec, CSc., Ing. Maria Gamcova, PhD., Mgr. Maria Svecova, PhD., Ing. Jan Schneider, Ing. Daniel Novak, Ing. Imrich Andras, Ing. Pavol Dolinsky, Ing. Miroslav Repko, Ing. Stanislav Slovak, Ing. Martin Pecovsky

Work Packages (WPs):

Actual progress and milestones:
The set of raw radar data acquired within WP1 measurement campaign by using 3 UWB radars and various scenarios.