Last update April 11, 2007

Part I: Fundamentals and Filter Design (weeks 1-7)

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dušan Kocur, PhD.

Part II: Realization and Implementation (weeks 8-13)

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Miloš Drutarovský, PhD.

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Credits: 5
Lectures/Exercises: 2/2e (The subject is taught in English)


Discrete-time signals and systems (time-domain, frequency-domain, transform-domain signal and system representation). Introduction to digital filter theory (definitions of basic terms, filter specifications, frequency response of linear phase FIR digital filters). Linear-phase FIR digital filter design (windows method, frequency-sampling methods, equiripple digital filter design). IIR digital filter design (method of approximation of derivatives, matched Z-transform method, impulse-invariant method, method of bilinear transformation). Frequency transformations. Digital filter (direct realizations, parallel realizations, cascade realizations, FFT-based realizations). Digital filter implementation (overview of hardware for digital filters implementation, finite word length problems, coefficient quantization, scaling in fixed-point arithmetic).

Fundamentals and Filter Design


Realization and Implementation



FilterExpress (Digital Filter Synthesis v5.1) (free registration needed)
Matlab m-file for demonstration of instability of direct IIR filter realization in Matlab environment
Source codes for Matlab v.4.2.1 from the book [2]
Matlab IIR filter design (includes proper scaling and quatization) 
Matlab functions for porting FIR and IIR filters to fixed-point Analog Devices DSPs